Khan Consultants

Robust Industrial Strength Software Development


Competent Professional Service:

Established since 1990, we deliver robust industrial strength software solutions.

We work on projects across all industry sectors, and as such bring to bear very broad experience gained from developing a wide range of solutions.

We offer:

  • Bespoke\Custom software development
  • Fullstack .NET/MVC/C#/SQL server expertise
  • Agile and waterful development programs
  • Training/Mentoring - standard and tailored courses for Administrators, IT professionals, and software developers.

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With over 25 years of experience, using our considerable expertise of Microsoft SQL Server databases, we are fully conversant with querying big data and presenting information in a powerful and meaningful way.

We can confidently deliver your Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) projects on time and can guarantee high quality.

We can:

  • Query big data and generate realiable clear reports presenting data in graphical and/or in tabular form
  • Produce data extracts in a variety of formats
  • Automate data exports/imports
  • Migrate databases


We specialise in setting-up, configuring, and managing Microsoft Azure servers and networks in the cloud.

We have considerable experience of migrating customers from on-prem to Microsoft Azure, a service we have been offering since 2013.

We offer:

  • Server migration to Azure
  • Server configuration and adminstration
  • Set-up, configure and manage automated server/data backups

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